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Our mission is To provide a first class, 5 star luxury cat boarding accommodation for the most discerning cats holidaying in Sydney, as well as receiving the highest level of care, love and attention. We provide an 'A' grade boutique pet store for the most discerning pet owners in Sydney. All this is made possible through the support of our animal loving, passionate and highly skilled staff.




Jules dos Santos

 - [Founder / Owner]

JJules dos Santos. Founder and Managing Director of Divine Creatures Cat Hotelules' passion for animals is immense! Desperate to work with animals from her early years, she started in the veterinary industry as a volunteer when she was just 14 years of age. Over the years she has rescued many abandoned cats & dogs and cared for them in her own home. Her latest fur family of five have all been well rehabilitated and are now living the life of luxury with her equally animal-devoted husband!

In 1998 she moved to Australia from the UK and continued dedicating her life to animals as a veterinary nurse. Since then Jules has worked in many areas from Cattery Manager to head specialised surgical nurse to manager of the emergency department of the renowned Veterinary Specialist Centre.

Jules also has a deep passion for animal welfare & animal rights and has recently become an advocate for Oscar's Law, promoting the need to rescue animals. She spent several years working as a volunteer with her Border Collie as a pet therapy dog and also has particular interest in tigers, donating generously to WWF sponsoring tigers. 

Jules started Divine Creatures in 2010. The need for a luxury, high quality cat hotel in Sydney was quite apparent when Jules could not find a suitable cat hotel to board her own cats when she went on holiday and so the concept of a luxury cat hotel started and Divine Creatures was created with one aim in focus: to provide the very best care and accommodation away from home for our feline friends!

Dr Yvonne Van der Veek DVM MANZCVS Emergency and Critical Care

 - [Affiliated Veterinarian]


 - [Manager]

Divine Creatures Cat Sitter Bree

Bree is the manager here at Divine Creatures and takes care of all our administration as well as ensures that our clients are well cared for and receive a service of excellence.

Bree has completed Certificate III in Captive Animals at Taronga Zoo Training Institute and has had the fabulous opportunity to work with the Bird Show, the Carnivores and Backyard (Australian Fauna, companion animals and farm animals) and also volunteers in the Primates and Ungulates division.  Bree has also completed Certificate II in Animal Studies and is looking forward to studying Veterinary Nursing in the near future.

Bree has two cats of her own, Fatty & Bronson whom were also guests at Divine Creatures.

Bree's caring nature has provided our guests with a nurturing holiday, filled with the love they would receive at home.

“I had been waiting to work at Divine Creatures for two years! After seeing how my cats were cared for, I knew my career path was in animal care. Working here is very different to working at the Zoo - I love being able to give the cats a cuddle!”


 - [Cat Carer / Qualified Veterinary Nurse]

Silvi is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and has had many years of experience working in the Cat Boarding industry. She has also has 5 years experience working in animal shelters where she predominately cared for cats.

Silvi moved over from Argentina three years ago and started working at Divine Creatures in September 2014. Silvi was such an exceptionally good cat carer that Divine Creatures offered her a work place sponsorship which allowed Silvi to stay in Australia and stay with us caring for our beloved feline guests.

She has grown up with a whole range of animals including cats of coarse! but also ducks, turtles, dogs, birds and bunnies!


 - [Cattery superintendent, / Qualified Veterinary Nurse]

Kate has always had a true love for being around animals, from a young age she knew she wanted to work with and for them. Kate completed my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2014 and worked as a Vet Nurse in a general veterinary practice as well as an Animal Attendant at an animal specialist hospital.

Her passion for animals even took Kate as far as Namibia in South Africa to work as a volunteer amongst injured and orphaned wildlife - traveling around the world and experiencing different animals in their own environments is at the top of her to do list! Kate has been a foster parent to a number of cats and kittens, which is how she came across her own fur baby Henry, the one kitten she just had to keep!! He is now three years old and keeps her laughing every single day.

Kate started working at Divine Creatures in 2016. As the Cattery supervisor Kate keeps the wheels turning and the stock levels stock up! She triages every resort guests and ensures that every cat is treated as an individual with personalized care. As our senior TLC therapist Kate enjoys this aspect of the job the most, "Providing cuddles and winning scared cats who have had a bad boarding experience elsewhere is the highlight of the position"


- [Cat TLC therapist & Qualified animal behaviorist]

Joshua graduated from his Cert IV Companion Animal Studies course in 2017 and previously completed Cert II in Animal Studies as well as multiple behavior and first aid qualifications at TAFE NSW.

He first started in the animal industry as a volunteer foster carer through multiple rescue agencies such as DCH, RSPCA, Well Pet Vets and AWL since 2013. Through foster caring at the Animal Welfare League Joshua started general volunteer work and soon after, acquired a job at the Animal Welfare League as an animal attendant and WHS officer.

Joshua started work at Divine Creatures in June 2017 and has loved every moment since, from cuddling cats to working with the wonderful staff and clients who frequent our establishment. He has a menagerie of his own including 6 cats, 3 dogs and even 7 rabbits as well as multiple foster kittens in need of socialization and rehabilitation.

He has a keen interest in animal behaviour and has worked with multiple trainers and behaviorists throughout the animal industry to better his understanding of behaviour. Joshua cannot wait to further his career through gaining more knowledge and education while at Divine Creatures, to better himself and his understanding of our little furry families of all shapes and sizes.


- [Junior cat carer]

Phoebe has a great passion for cats, and for all animals, that you can see from the moment you meet her! Phoebe came to Divine Creatures in March 2017 as a Volunteer and has been a permanent part time team.
After completing her YATZ (Youth At The Zoo) program at Taronga Zoo, Phoebe’s passion for animals grew and she quickly applied for the Animal Studies Cert II course.
During this course, Phoebe was privileged enough to obtain even more experience at Taronga Zoo during her practical days. Volunteering at Taronga Zoo is something Phoebe is very proud of and she hopes to complete her Certificate III in Captive Animals there in the future.
With Phoebe’s experience in animal husbandry and her devotion to all creatures, big and small, Divine Creatures is very lucky to have her on board.

Phoebe brings a warm and caring heart to our cattery and the fur babies absolutely love her!
Phoebe recently rescued a beautiful cat, Cordelia, from the Cat Protection Society, after becoming a part of Cordelia’s socializing-team. She also provides a loving home to a Children’s Python named Monty!

Monique is the newest member to our team and brings with her passion and vibrant personality.