Excellent. Excellent. Excellent! My Ollie has just returned from his 40 night holiday in a New York Apartment. I adopted Ollie from CPS at the beginning of the year. As he is a very nervous cat and we are still adjusting to each other, I was concerned that I had to organise holiday camp for him so soon after adoption. I need not have been worried.

Every step of the way the staff at Divine Creatures were wonderful and supportive, from my very first reconnaissance visit to check things out. After settling in to another strange environment he settled very well. DC staff even had him in jungle gym and before leaving managed to clip his nails - something I’ve not been able to do so far.

While away I received emails including photos of Ollie and giving me helpful information about his progress. This was comforting to know he was being taken good care of by people who showed genuine interest in him. His apartment was large with plenty of light. The whole complex is pristine. I have never before seen a cat boarding facility quite like this one. Ollie has settled back into his home environment now and quickly remembered my apartment and is now back into his regular routines.

I’ve booked him for a short stay in September and another in December. I’ll have much more confidence leaving him in future. Highly recommended.



All the staff are extremely professional and its obvious when talking to them that they all love working with cats. The facility is spotless with very comfortable living areas for the cats, even the cheaper condos are really nice.

Our kitty was very happy and content during her stay, it was obvious when we picked her up and it was nice to know she was being well cared for while we were away on holiday.



Fantastic place, the team look after my two cats so well and my cats are always very happy and relaxed when I pick them up.

When I drop them off they make themselves at home straight away.



Our two Burmese have now had a number of holidays at Divine Creatures and always settle in quickly, which is a good sign they are comfortable there. The wonderful staff give them lots of cuddles and when it is a long holiday, they send us photos of the boys playing in the gym room or curled up in their temporary home. The boys are always calm when we arrive to take them home. Another sign that they are happy there. I can’t recommend Divine Creatures strongly enough. The staff are nuts about cats and provide clean, spacious accommodation for them with lots of individual care.


Silver (aged 9) came home a week ago happy and relaxed after a month at Divine Creatures, just as she did last November which was her first experience of boarding in 9 years. She enjoyed regular visits to the Jungle gym and daily hair brushing.
Silver had been quite unwell in the weeks prior to check-in and although assessed by her vet as clinically fit for boarding, there was always the possibility of a relapse. We deeply appreciated the staff willingness to remain alert to any signs of relapse and for accepting the management plan recommended by Silver's vet.
We are grateful to the staff for their professionalism manifest in every aspect of the service they provide: the safe and stimulating environment, their understanding of the anxiety experienced by pets and their families and the steps they take to allay this anxiety. Also a big thank you for the video and the photos, they were a very welcome reassurance.


I can’t speak highly enough of Divine Creatures. They combine genuine care and love of cats with expert knowledge, which means you can enjoy your holiday knowing your cat is having just as much fun as you!

Thank you SO much for looking after Lila guys, we really appreciate it!!


A pleasure to visit - they take excellent care of my rather nervy middle aged cat, and he is always very chill and relaxed when I come to collect him. It is meticulously clean and neat. They are (I am pleased to say) strict about vaccinations and flea treatment - always a good sign.
Also love the minimalist white/grey/black cat toys on offer, and we have one of their felted cat caves in use at home - my cat loves snuggling in there when I'm at work.
Deserves all the stars!


My name is Diva. I am a beautiful Ragdoll, I am very pampered by my Owner so if she chooses somewhere for me to stay it is at Divine Creatures. Barbara knows I can demand the care a first class cat should receive.


Merlot is our fur baby and the team at Divine Creatures love him just as much as we do, which makes a difference! When he comes home he has no resettling in as he's so well loved at Divine Creatures that he is completely comfortable being at his holiday retreat and then back home. The Divine team love our baby and that's why we won't go anywhere else!!!


My hairy fat boy Puppy (the cat) stayed at Divine Creatures recently for a few days, and is also booked in to stay in the penthouse for a couple of weeks. They’re kind, caring and diligent people and the facilities are clean and comfortable for your little beasts. I called daily for updates, but know they’d have been proactive in sending me news/pics if only I had a bit more patience and self-discipline.

Clearly the separation anxiety was more an issue for me than for Puppy, and he came home happy and relaxed, healthy, cuddly and loving. #nocoldshoulder

I have no hesitations in recommending this boutique accommodation, catering and babysitting for your feline babies.


Our cat Lilli has boarded with Divine Creatures for many years now. She is a feisty girl so not always easy to look after.

We feel she is in very capable hands and looked after extremely well and feel confident about leaving her there.


Amazing amazing amazing!! My boys have had two extended stays (2months each time) at DC while I have been relocating. The staff, facilities and personalized care are all exceptional.

My boys Romeo and Raphael were so chilled during their stay, and received so much lovin’ I think they would have been happy to stay - Jules & co. I can’t thank you enough.


We were looking for a pleasant boarding facility to care for our beloved cat for a few days while we made a quick visit to Gosford. First time we have used Divine Creatures.

We were very happy with the excellent service we [and our cat] received. We were warmly welcomed on arrival and the premises are modern, clean and well managed.

Allan & Frances and Brindabella



Our Bam Bam (now 15 years) has stayed here a number of times now and given he has never left the house other than to the vets, he settles in well and the staff really take care of him. He has been elsewhere and did not have a good experience so there is nowhere else for him nowadays but a New York Apartment when we travel. He doesn't like us when we come back to get him though!



Our cat Bushki has stayed here several times.We have found the staff caring and that he has always been looked after to the highest standard.
The premises are always beautifully clean and that anything I request to be done for Bushki is carried out.
He always has Jungle Gym which he enjoys and the girls send me photos which is reassuring when you are away.
I highly recommend Divine Creatures.We would not consider leaving our cat anywhere else!
A big thank you to all the staff x



Leaving pets behind on holiday is always nerve wracking but Divine Creatures is wonderful, and I always know my kitty will be well looked after and given plenty of love in my absence!



We have an "older" cat, Hana, who has had health issues in the past and due to her age, has arthritis now in her back leg. Of course we worry when we have to leave Ms H but Jules and the team at DC are very understanding and take excellent care of Ms H when we go away.

Hana's has to have regular medication and the team at DC make sure that all of that is in hand with copious notes and they ask questions if they need clarification.

Jules and the team keep us updated on Hana and we have complete confidence in leaving our old girl with them. They understand how a cat should look and act, so if you want to say "they read the cat" and know what to do. We highly recommend Divine Creatures.



Thank you to all the lovely staff at Divine Creatures for looking after our Henry so well while we're on holidays. We don't have to worry about him at all knowing he is being well cared for in a nice clean environment by a team of genuine cat lovers.
The photo updates were unexpected but much appreciated - seeing him looking so happy and relaxed in the jungle gym pics meant we could really enjoy our time away with the peace of mind he was safe and sound.


JINX had 3 nights at DC. First time away from home in her whole 3 years. She was timid during her stay, apparently, but obviously well cared for. Specific diet catered for. We were very happy with the advice we were given on registration and the info provided during her stay.

And she’s slotted back in to her home life without a blink. Thank you DC. We’ll be back! Just hope we can get her in the Jungle Gym next time!!



We have two British shorthair cats Archie- Blue and Lucy- Black and White, both adored spoilt and only once ever left in a cattery, which whilst was good, cats disturbed homecoming.

Divine Creatures proved to be the most wonderful carers, I did go for top New York suite as Archie is a big cat and Lucy very timid. Archie just loved his window and Lucy found her corner spot, both cats came home relaxed settled back into their routine with not a whisker out of place.

I would not worry about leaving our cats knowing the excellent care they received. Maybe Archie may do without his window next time as all the accommodation is so good.

Thank you lovely people you do love cats.





Such peace of mind leaving our two babies with Divine Creatures. Both love to have a New York condo when we go away. They settle in immediately when they arrive (though we are yet to find a way of getting them to tolerate the car journey) and are quite indifferent about the idea of coming home when we pick them up!

Always very pleased with the way they have been looked after.



Our 9-year-old cat Silver has just had one month stay at Divine Creatures.  It is difficult to do justice to the excellent care provided and the beautiful boarding facilities. Silver came home her usual gorgeous cheeky self, healthy and relaxed.

The staff are friendly, approachable, it is obvious they like and understand cats. They were very understanding of our anxiety about boarding Silver for an extended period of time, it was so reassuring for us to receive a picture of a very confident Silver walking into the Jungle Gym for her daily exercise session.

We are deeply grateful.



To all those paranoid pet parents out there - look no further than Divine Creatures! We have always arranged cat sitters to stay at our house, so this was the first time we had boarded our 15 year old arthritic tabby.

The actual premises is very clean, modern and comfortable, and the staff are warm, genuine cat-lovers. Still - we were anxious that Indi would not cope with the change and confinement.

We received encouraging email updates throughout Indi's stay, and two weeks later collected a calm, happy cat that had eaten, pooped and socialised with staff the entire time - no small feat!

Indi has settled in at home without a hitch, and we are thrilled to have found a solution to our holiday dilemmas! Thank you Divine Creatures for your exceptional care and service.



Oscar's been going to Divine for 5 years, since he was a kitten. I literally can't send him anywhere else as he comes home very unhappy! He feels completely at home at DC with his aunties and always comes home happy and healthy (in fact sometimes he doesn't really want to leave!). I have just been away for almost 4 weeks and was able to have a stress free holiday knowing he was in capable hands and looked after with love. I didn't worry about him at all, but every time I checked in on him I got a lovely response about what he was up to. Fantastic service from people who adore cats and treat them as VICs :)
See you next time xx



There is no where else we would trust to leave our hand reared Cocktail birds or indoor Ragdoll cat, when we are away... The level of care is exceptional.

The staff truly love the animals.

The Birds & our sooky cat all come home content & happy & Divine Creatures premises are very clean so it makes our trip not stressful.


Very friendly staff and all animals always look happy and are well looked after, the staff are very considerate and understand what the animals need.

The accommodation is very roomy and bright and there are many different rooms to choose depending on what you want.

Overall this business well deserves five stars and I would recommend it to all cat owners.





Thank you ladies for taking such great care of my Persians Beau and Kamaya for 2 1/2 weeks in June.
The updates and photos were much appreciated as it meant I did not worry when I was away.
Was nice also that my timid boy seemed to settle in well and neither seemed in a hurry to leave. Both arrived home and behaved normally as if they hadn't been away!
They will be back next time I travel



Such caring and lovely people looking after our furry baby at this place. It's always great to see how clean and well looked after the place is and how all the cats are enjoying their holiday.

Our cat is a very shy little boy and every time we have left him at divine creatures we have always picked him up looking clean and healthy.

Thank you so much for looking after mino and being so gentle and patient with him! You are doing a great job



The team at Divine Creatures is amazing!Our cat Audrey is a little shy with strangers, and she settles in really well at her "home away from home".

She has had a number of holidays there over the past few years, and always returns home looking relaxed and happy. Audrey also has some medical issues, and now requires daily medication.

The "Aunties" took this in their stride, and had no problems with Audrey's daily routine.We have absolute peace of mind knowing that Audrey is being cared for and loved while staying at Divine Creatures.



Wow, where to begin. We are so very happy to have found Divine Creatures. We have 2 cats, a 16 year old diabetic and an 8 year old cheeky exotic. We had previously boarded our cats at another establishment that likes to call itself 5 star, but their treatment of our cats was anything but. They displayed cold indifference to Maurice, our exotic boy and contempt towards Fudge, our 16 year old diabetic. It got to the point where they told us they no longer wanted our cats to board with them anymore, as our diabetic cat caused them too much stress. 

Which brings us to the wonderful Divine Creatures. Jules, Bree, Kate and all the staff at Divine Creatures went above and beyond to make our two babies feel loved and cared for.

We were sent videos and photos of our cats relaxing in their "penthouse." Our older girl arrived at Divine Creatures not long after having 4 teeth extracted, which made it quite difficult for her to eat.

Jules and the team went as far as hand feeding her, to ensure that she ate well and was able to receive her twice daily insulin injections. We are so impressed with the level of care and consideration our cats received - these are people who are so genuine, it is so obvious how much they care for the cats that have the privilege of staying with them. 

Our cats are back home now, relaxed and straight back into their old routine. This is an indication of just how comfortable and secure they felt at Divine Creatures.  We cannot thank you guys enough for all that you did to look after Maurice and Fudge.



When I was looking for a place to care for our newly adopted Meika, Divine Creatures was highly recommended to me by several friends as an excellent facility. I then followed up on their website and thought wow, this place looks awesome! Meika has just returned home from a 3 week stay at Divine Creatures and we could not be happier. She's happy, relaxed, healthy and has obviously had the best of care. I would now like to highly recommend Divine Creatures and their wonderful team to anyone looking for that very special place for their very special babies!!





Both our cats (Linus and Kitty) stayed at Divine Creatures over Easter, and we were positive they were in good hands. It was wonderful dealing with the staff and they sent us photos of our pets when we enquired about them. Premises were clean, plenty of accommodation options, provide quality Royal Canin food at no extra charge, no public holiday surcharge, only charge $13 for an extra cat. We'll be sending them back when we go for our next holiday at the end of this month. If there's a better cattery out there, we haven't found it! This is where we'll be sending our cats.



Divine Creatures is hands down THE BEST feline accomodation in Sydney. My cat has stayed there a few times and the service has always been excellent. The accommodations are designed to suit different budgets and needs. It's very clear that the staff really do love being there and have a genuine care for each and every boarder who comes to stay. I have tried other places - one in particular which shall remain nameless which traumatised my cat and really ought to be shut down/converted into a supermax prison. Divine Creatures is always going to be my first choice because my cat always come home happy, healthy, calm and still the lovable demanding overlord he was when he left my house.



Couldn't think of a better group of Aunties to look after my fur baby while I'm away for work or travel. My little Billy is always one happy boy when I pick him up which to me is an indication of a happy and content kitty when he's staying at his Hotel for kitty cats getaway. Thanks so much for always taking such good care of him. Highly recommend Divine Creatures to any fur baby parent!



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