Couldn't think of a better group of Aunties to look after my fur baby while I'm away for work or travel. My little Billy is always one happy boy when I pick him up which to me is an indication of a happy and content kitty when he's staying at his Hotel for kitty cats getaway. Thanks so much for always taking such good care of him. Highly recommend Divine Creatures to any fur baby parent!



It was my kitten's 1st stay there so I was nervous and worried about being away from her and her missing all her comforts, play and cuddles, but I felt very comfortable there when we checked her in. Her condo was a decent size, and I like that she didn't have the smells of the litter box and that she had a separate sleeping room. On pickup day my kitten looked so relaxed and at home there.



We booked our very dear old cat Bob recently into a New York apartment. When he was picked up he was snoozing on a pillow in the sun and looked very content. His coat was shiny and he was very relaxed. He enjoyed having his own apartment without the stress of other younger male cats around. He can get a bit cranky at home but this time he was a very happy chappie. Well done Divine Creatures


Review left on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jbanek/activity/10155270628944740


Our two babies are enjoying a 6 month vacation from their parents. We miss them terribly but divine creatures takes such good care of their guests that we feel comforted and aided that they are not only taken care of, but loved as well. We can visit them anytime we want and they are very happy with lots of space, a jungle themed play room and loads of attention and care from the qualified staff. 6 months is a long time to be away from loved ones and we wouldn't have them stay anywhere else. Thanks divine creatures!! (John: https://www.facebook.com/JohnSquareBear/activity/10212797727042263)


My babies have been there for 6 months! And they are taken such good care of! Everyone at Divine Creatures is so lovely and truly cares for the cats. (Amelia: https://www.facebook.com/mealiac/activity/1445973408795187)

Our cat Nancy stayed at Divine Creatures for the second time. When the practice manager and chief aunty - Bree - referred to the staff as aunties and the cats as babies, you've got to know people, that you are in the right place. Our vet refers to herself as Aunty Dora and so do we when we are talking to Nancy about her. All our female visitors are aunties. Meticulous records are kept of every cat's stay. When you pick your cat up the staff member actually knows what's been going on. These people love cats and care for their welfare. We will definitely leave Nancy here again.




Our kitties Yubyub and Bruno had they first stay at Divine Creatures about a month ago. They were very well looked after and enjoyed their holiday there tremendously. Divine Creatures also sent us photos of the kids playing in the jungle gym which was a really nice gesture as we had missed them heaps by then. Bruno had a wound from fighting with his sister and the girls monitored it and made sure it was healing well. They were very knowledegable and went above and beyond to recommend what we could do to make our fur babies a little more settled at home. They were in no hurry to leave when we went to pick them up, giving the girls lots of cuddles. Divine Creatures has been the best accommodation we have put our cats in so far and will definitely come back!


Our beautiful Bella enjoyed her recent two week stay at Divine Creatures so much that she didn't want to leave! With all the care and attention she received with lots & lots of brushes and pats she was one spoiled fur baby.

This is her second holiday and the girls couldn't have done a better job! Thanks everyone for looking after her!


Review left on facebook

Darcy and Bailey have stayed at Divine Creatures a number of times. They are spoilt indoor fur babies - they always look well and relaxed when I pick them up.

This time they were in the cattery whilst I moved house to the Central Coast- I chose to leave them at Divine Creatures rather than put them into a cattery on the coast as I know they will be well cared for . They were unimpressed with the trip north in the car- it didn't start well in the pouring rain with Darcy escaping into the car from his carrier.

Bree was a great supporting helping to get them sorted and on our way- I appreciated her care and kindness during a very stressful time. Thankyou.


Facebook review

How liberating it is to be able to  leave my cats in the care of the lovely folks at Divine Creatures, knowing that they will be safe and happy. Unlike the other Catteries, which resemble "Colditz for Cats", they are housed in a delightful, air-conditioned, spacious room.

When I pick them up, they are clean, healthy and quite content. I opted for the Fiji room for my two and we had some exercise time in the Jungle Gym, so got to enjoy my holiday without guilt or concern over their welfare. I highly recommend Divine Creatures to other Cat Owners who love their animals.



I can’t praise Divine Creatures enough. When we found out that we had to re-locate overseas for 3 months, I knew I had to find somewhere really exceptional to look after Ramses.

Right from the start, I knew that Divine Creatures was that place. The staff showed nothing but patience, warmth and kindness, taking their time with Ramses (and us!). His NY apartment was clean and bright and he could take his own bedding and favourite toys with him. We were encouraged to take as long as we needed to settle him in.

It was reassuring for us to know that someone is there every day during office hours and that he wouldn’t be alone. Also, the regular email updates and photos were much appreciated and helped ease our own separation anxiety! 

When we finally arrived to pick him up, he was up on the window sill looking out, unaware of our presence at first, basking in the sun, very relaxed and contented and it just made me so happy to catch that glimpse of him in a calm, peaceful moment.

I could see for myself how happy he was at Divine Creatures. 

We have had to make a couple of short trips since then and, without any hesitation, we have booked him in again to Divine Creatures.


Dear human friends at hotel divine creatures,

It's my first time staying at your hotel and I would like to thank all of you for the cosy stay and care and also the nice chin rubs.

My hotel room was also very nice and clean.

I have stayed in other pet hotels before which always makes me feel scared and i end up losing weight.

However, after my 2 weeks stay at hotel divine creatures this time, my mummy is actually surprised that I didn't lose weight but instead gained a little weight. Looking forward to my next stay.



We've had our beautiful but neurotic cat, Russell, stay with Divine Creatures twice now, and each time we pick him up, he is so happy and relaxed.

The staff here are so sweet and experienced with animals, we always feel super comfortable leaving him in this luxury accommodation.

The 'rooms' and play area are very cleverly/thoughtfully made and I would recommend anyone who's anxious about leaving their furry friend to have a chat to the staff at Divine Creatures



This was Vinny's (Ragdoll) first visit, it won't be his last.
The facilities are second to none. The care and attention was excellent and loving and they were only too happy to fit in with his normal diet.

Although I called several times while we were away it was no problem for the staff to reassure us. Vinny came home unstressed and happy. Thank you to everyone at Divine Creatures. We'll be back.


Our cats Stan and Ollie have been staying at Divine Creatures a couple of times a year since we came to Sydney in 2013.

It is their home away from home - they love staying there, they are so loved and spoiled. We also refer to it as kitty wellness retreat, as they always come home trim, taut and terrific.

A stay at Divine Creatures gives a boost to their overall health and the team are dedicated to caring for our pets like their own family.



I have used Divine Creatures twice now and couldn't trust them more to provide fantastic service. They even sprayed Feliway in the cats 'apartment' before they went in which just shows that they know exactly what they are doing.

The room I put my cats in this time was the cheapest (unlike their last stay in the 'New York City' apartment which was fancy and had a window) and the most basic room was spacious, clean and perfect for their stay.

They always come back happy and with no anxiety (compared to when I have left them with a babysitter/ someone feeding them from home).

I always feel secure leaving them which helps start a great holiday.

My little Persian cat, Clooney is quite a shy little guy so I'm always worried when I leave him for a certain period of time.

The staff and facilities at Divine Creatures are world class and my partner and I were blown away at how beautiful the cattery rooms and facilities are.

All the cats looked so happy and content and so many added little touches are included like a big fish tank in the middle of the room to the jungle gym area to keep the cats entertained.

The pricing is incredible for what you get too!!! It's so clear that the staff and owners truly love animas and have put all this love into Divine Creatures.

Thank you so much again xxx

Best cat hotel in Sydney! Thank you so much Divine Creatures for looking after Ralph for one week when I was on holiday.

My cat is a loyal customer of your wonderful hotel and I am always feeling peace in mind when he is here!

Atmosphere in hotel is really friendly and nice.

Cat's rooms is clean and tidy! My baby always feel relax as same as at home! 

I want to say a big thanks to all team DC.

You guys awesome! 

Last time Ralph didn't want to go home because he enjoyed in Jungle Gym and has fun in bungalow on the cushions! 

Me and my cat Ralph really love Divine Creatures Hotel and highly recommend this place for all cat owners !!!

I left My cat Teddy here for 5 days, last week, he was fine and well cared for.

He is not a fan of overnight stays anywhere, Divine Creatures went out of their way to make sure he settled while I was away.

It's a fantastic facility especially for cats, I haven't seen anything like it in Sydney.

Check it out online, the Manager, Bree is lovely!

What a wonderful haven for cats! I am so relieved I found Divine Creatures. When I fetched Leeloo after our holiday, she was so content and didn't seem to want to come home with me!

The staff are all so lovely and caring and I felt like Leeloo was really loved and looked after so well. Even when I emailed half way into our holiday to check in to see how Leeloo was doing, I was greeted with warmth and understanding.

This has been the best experience I and Leeloo have had throughout all the catteries and vets I've taken Leeloo to.

I highly recommend it.



This was the first time I was leaving my 7 month old Penny for a short break. I had searched many places and came across Divine Creatures. I was a bit nervous but as soon as I walked in with Penny I knew I had found the right place.

The enthusiasm of all the ladies there was infectious, they greeted Penny warmly like meeting an old friend again. I highly recommend Divine Creatures and will be taking Penny there again!

Thanks Divine Creatures!




I was slightly anxious leaving my 8 month old kitten, London, for the first time, but I really had no reason to worry! London spent 10 days at Divine Creatures and came home extremely relaxed, happy and obviously really enjoyed his stay in New York then Paris - what a lucky boy!

The staff were very understanding and caring. Bree was amazing - while I was away I received a lovely email with photos of London having the time of his life in the jungle gym. It was so nice to know London was in great care. I

have already booked him in for his next stay! Thank you Divine Creatures!



Absolutely amazing cattery! Staff are very friendly and welcoming, and the layout is great! Jervis loved his mini holiday with you guys



Divine Creatures is the only place I would send my cat to stay whilst I travel. I truly feel as though she is a treasured part of the family and know that she will always be so well looked after.
Sometimes I'm not sure she wants to come home after her holiday as she enjoys it so much!

This is the only place in Sydney where would take our lovely puss. All girls, but Bree in particular are so caring and cat loving that we never worried about leaving our little one in this place. Our cat loves this place and feels very comfortable there.

Thank you very much for creating such a great cat hotel and for caring about our loved ones!

My cat Bonnie has stayed with Divine Creatures twice this year and has been treated like a rock star on both occasions.

The staff are so friendly and I have felt 100% at ease knowing they are looking after my cat. Bonnie loves the jungle gym and the staff have a great rapport with her.

Fantastic service that I cannot recommend highly enough.



Bushki has stayed twice and will be back again in August. He settles in straight away and loves his Jungle Gym time.

The girls are all lovely and the place is so clean and smells fresh.When I collect him after his holiday he is happy and and asks me when he is coming back!

I have no hesitation in recommending Divine Creatures.



I was so worried about leaving Everest for the first time, but I was so reassured by the lovely staff - they were really affectionate with Ever, and totally understanding about my overprotective-mother worry.
They even invited me to call to check up on how Everest was doing over the weekend. Really glad I chose them for her first "sleepover"!

We recently took our two little hairless babies back to Divine Creatures for their two week holiday whilst we went away to QLD. I wouldn't take them anywhere else.

They are always well looked after (especially important as they are an unusual breed and need specific care) and if I'm getting anxious, the lovely DC ladies send me emails and photos of them.

Highly recommended!

Thanks Divine Creatures for taking care of my divine creatures! We'll see you soon.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review Lily's holiday at Divine Creature.  I was very impressed when I visited your premises - everything was so clean and the girls were welcoming and caring. 

I was concerned how Lily would handle her stay at the centre as she is very sensitive - I need not to have worried as when she returned home she was very calm and settled back into her old routine very quickly. 

Thank you girls for taking such good care of Lily while I was away. Kind Regards Paula



We have left our beloved cat Fanta elsewhere on our previous holidays and when he comes back he's always not himself as if he is angry at us for leaving him there. So this time we boarded him at Divine Creatures and what an experience for him and us!

Communication was superb and even sent us pics of how he was going.

He was far more relaxed and I think he was a little angry still but thats probably because he wanted to stay there longer hahaha.

We will definitely be using Divine Creatures again.



What a fabulous place. I wish I could stay here for a break! The staff are excellent, caring and obviously adore the cats.

Gimlet has been here for a couple of shorts breaks and we are now about to leave him for a longer period of time.

We have complete confidence that he will be loved and cared for by Divine Creatures.



Absolutely 100% recommend DC for anyone wishing to ensure their pusscat is loved & well cared for in their absence.

My 17-year-old Ebony has a little cat-mentia, but otherwise in pretty good shape for her years, so I wanted to be confident about her care during my recent break. The staff came to know her personality very quickly & updated me on her progress in such a way that I knew they were tending her well.

I returned to find her happy & very content in her NY apartment - so much so that I've bought her a bed to match the one she had whilst in residence. The jungle gym is a wonderful idea for felines to have a little "wild time" although Ebbi mostly observed her carer and thoughtfully remembered her own wilder days with that deeply thoughtful look cats have when reflecting on their youth ;)

I've used several catteries over several cats' lives but have never felt entirely comfortable with them. Divine Creatures is so far above the rest in loving care, cleanliness & communication that it'll be the only place I consider in future.

Love, from Ebbi & me =^.^= <3



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